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Double Bar Sterling Silver Ring


Beautifully made, this recycled handmade double bar ring is a great piece to wear for any occasion!

3 mm wide
1 mm thick sterling silver band
2 & 3 mm wide (1 mm thick) vertical sterling silver bars, between 2 and 3 cm long.

Semi hammered open ring can be slightly adjusted to suit people whose hands swell and shrink. This is also suitable for people who want flexibility and versatility in switching the ring bearing finger.

Silver is work hardened, hypoallergenic, tarnish resistant, and doesn't stain skin- (is NOT silver plated or filled so will last years) This piece can be worn daily and in water without staining or discolouration!

Spirit of Vera uses recycled silver from post-consumer goods (e-waste, appliances, silverware, jewelry, security tags, x-ray or photography equipment) and industrial applications.
The silver is recycled responsibly (without producing CO2 & without the use of toxic chemical agents) in Canada and the USA.
The material is in compliance with the responsible jewellers council and has the ISO9001 (quality), ISO14001 (environment) and OHAS 18001 (health and safety) certifications.

Each piece of Spirit Of Vera jewelry comes with a lifetime warranty card.