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Are kindflies products vegan?
Absolutely.  We stand for nothing less.

Are kindflies products tested on animals?
Not in our wildest dreams.  

Are kindflies products ethically sourced?
Definitely.  A lot of our products are certified fair trade by a certification body like Fair Trade Federation.  Other products simply have smaller supply chains and we've worked with our suppliers to validate ethical trade is established so fair wages and work conditions are guaranteed.  

Where are you located?
We're based out of Toronto, Canada, and we do pop-ups all over.  

Why is it important that your products are vegan?
It doesn't take a lot of looking before you make the connection that in order to eat meat and dairy, or wear leather, wool, or fur, animal lives must be taken. We're simply not okay with that, and it is certainly unnecessary: our range of products is a testament to just how amazing and high-quality a product can be, without harming a single animal, ever.

Additions or Changes to Orders
We ship within two business days of receiving your order.  You're always welcome to reach out to us (See "Contact Us") to make an addition or change to your order, but please note there is no guarantee we can do so as we sometimes fulfill your order much quicker than our two-day commitment.