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About kindflies

A Bit About Us

kindflies is a vegan-owned and operated Toronto-based online store serving Canada with a select range of carefully chosen quality goods that enrich life and promote health and wellness. All our products are vegan, sustainable, and ethically sourced. We call this VSE. We select VSE products because they significantly limit our impact on the earth. 

96% of our products are sourced from Canadian companies, many of them local to Toronto. These companies have direct control over the quality and components used in their products, as many of them make them either theirselves, or they visit places like Morocco, Kenya, and Indonesia to meet with technical artisans and local experts to develop products suitable for their high standards. In doing so, ethical trade agreements including the guarantee of fair prices and civil rights are established. 

Our products are not for vegans. Our products are for everyone, including vegans. With every purchase, and at all of our pop ups throughout Ontario, people recognize that these VSE products reach a much higher standard than the alternative they've been using for years. 

Customers love us because we are super-friendly, and take care to make every interaction memorable, whether it's an online sale or a face-to-face experience.

We are creators and makers. We have skills that we love to build into unique products that we design and make with our own hands. These range from woodworking to technical IT, textile goods and crochet, and music production. We love creating and making, and love to find artisans to work with on ideas, concepts, or just to gawk at their amazing and inspired work! 

We love the outdoors and the animals that live there, and we often find ourselves sharing the land with them while mountainbiking, hiking, camping, or taking slow strolls through the lush forests of Southern and Central Ontario.  

We love the city and all the marvel of human genius and development. A network of millions, Toronto is home to us: but we ackowledge that the land we enjoy today is the traditional territory of many nations including the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Anishnabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee and the Wendat peoples and is now home to many diverse First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples. Now one of the top 5 most diverse cities in the world, rich with over 200 cultures from around the globe, with 50% of our neighbours from foreign countries, we happily share the abundant city that gives us all shelter and life.  

We openly oppose the exploitation and any use or ownership of animals for human gain.  Animals are sentient creatures with feelings, thoughts, personalities and families. There is no fundamental difference between a cow and a dog, a pig and a cat, a bird and a fish or a human. We can't lose sight of this and place ourselves above our animal friends. Us humans are very intelligent: we can find countless ways to eliminate our footprint on animal life.

We warmly invite anyone investigating veganism to contact us to network and learn more, and to be heard. Please reach out to us. We are converts to veganism like the tens of millions before us.