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Kind for All Kinds

Kind for All Kinds

We believe that demand is dictated by the dollars we spend: we can all affect which products are available in our local and large-surface retail marketplaces. As we all choose more vegan, sustainable and ethically sourced products, demand will shift, which, coincidentally, will save lives. 

Fact: Any dollar spent on a non-vegan product is a dollar spent in support of violence toward animals.  

We also don't forget human rights: unimaginable suffering and impoverished conditions are perpetuated by the production of products (some practical, some not even close) that should be made or harvested in a way that supports the well-being and success of others.

We work with suppliers who trade ethically, because we have a relentless will to enable others to grow as we want to grow.

We're about questioning everything. Stripping ourselves of pride, and unlearning what we think we know to re-learn the things we should understand more passionately.    

We boldly stand for those who cannot speak for themselves.  

We urge all to go vegan in the name of love. Love for animals. Love for our health. Love for our planet.

We believe we are caretakers, not takers, of this Earth. This is precisely why we're kindflies, named after the humble bees and butterflies that enrich our Earth by nurturing vast varieties of the plant life that we need to survive, including about 1/3 of the food we eat.  

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